Lavonne Bosman presents her stunning Vietnam Travel photography

Vietnam travel photography
Portrait of a mother and baby, Ha Giang

You can purchase digital download art prints of my photo collection: Vietnam travel photography directly from my Photo Art Stories Etsy shop.

color portrait travel photograph of a little girl in the mountains of Ha Giang
“Ha Giang little girl”
“Fairytale mountain” Ha Giang 2022
Black and white timeless travel photograph of water buffalo in Vietnam
“Buffalo man” Phu Luong Vietnam
Black and white picture of traditionally dressed Hmong at the Moc Chau Love market Vietnam
“At the love market” Moc Chau

I lived in Hanoi taking Vietnam travel photography

Vietnam for four and a half years, from 2019 to 2023. During the first year I spent most of my free time exploring the romantic and bustling “Old Quarter” of Hanoi, developing my unique street photography style. These photographs, together with the images I took in the following years, collectively form part of my proudly presented Photography Portfolio of Vietnam.

Some of the photographs were taken while I was working on assignment for Vietnam in Focus.

Travel photography of Vietnam Ninh Binh river
“On the river” Ninh Binh
Color travel photography art of lanterns in Hoi An Vietnam
“Strawberry full moon in Hoi An”
Tay Ho Ghost ships Hanoi Vietnam sunset photograph
“Westlake boats dismantling”
Long-Bien-bridge. Hanoi_Vietnam
Long Bien Bridge, Hanoi
Vietnam Art photograph travel print by Lavonne Bosman depicting workers taking a break
“Workers break” Dong Xuan market, Hanoi Vietnam

Black and white photo of alley 32 Xuan Dieu, Hanoi
Alley 31 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho Hanoi
Picture of boats in Ninh Binh Tam Coc
“Ninh Binh boats”
Black and white landscape travel photograph of mountains in Ha Giang
“Mountains for miles” Ha Giang

Ha Giang, North Vietnam travel Photography

In 2022 I had the opportunity to visit Ha Giang, a gorgeous mountainous area in the North of Vietnam, bordering the south of China. I was fortunate enough the be led by a Vietnamese friend who also acted as local tour guide and knew all the paths of the beaten track where not much tourists would ever ventured. With the best view from the back of the bike, I enjoyed the spectacular views of the mountains and witnessing the ethnic groups of Hmong people, who have been inhabiting these endless mountain ranges for about 300 years.

Boy, Ha Giang
“Portrait of a young boy” Ha Giang
“Boss kid” Ha Giang, Vietnam

I took the black and white picture of the boy in the above pictures, on one of these days when we visited a small stone village somewhere deep in the mountains. I spent a good amount of time in the afternoon with some of the friendly local kids, getting a glimpse into part of their daily lives. Keep an eye of for this special image, which will be available as large downloadable wall print in my gallery shop.

Moody Landscape Vietnam travel photography of mountains Hoang Su phi
“Skyview” Hoang Su Phi, Vietnam

Grass mat weaving Portrait
Close up photo of traditional grass weaving process in Vietnam
“Weaving up close”
Ninh_Binh_portrait. Stone_carving_village. Vietnam
Portrait at the Stone carving village, Ninh Binh

You can purchase digital download art prints of my Vietnam photo series directly from my Etsy shop Photo Art Stories.

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Enjoy my pictures of the colorful Hmong people of Ha Giang Vietnam

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