How My Travel Photography Can Bring Life to Your Walls


Photography has always been my passion, and Ive been lucky enough to combine it with traveling the world. Each new place brings its own unique beauty and stories, and Ive made it my lifes work to capture those moments and share them with others.

What Makes My Photography Unique

What sets my collection apart is the quality and rarity of each piece. I carefully curate every photograph to ensure that it meets my high standards of beauty and uniqueness. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement piece or a subtle accent, my collection has something for everyone.

My photography is more than just a collection of pretty pictures.  I create Photo Art Stories, which can be described as artistic historical documentations of a a rapidly developing world, I’m driven to guard memories of life along this fast evolving human journey. To preserve visual reflections before the current reality ceases to exist and be forgotten by future generations.

My Story

I see the world around me changing daily in front of my eyes. We are speedily moving into the future.   Life as we know it will soon just remain in our memories as the ‘good old days’.  I want to capture however much I can of these in my unique Photo stories style, so future generations may enjoy some of it through my aesthetic and atmospheric images.  

Each photograph tells a story, and I strive to capture the essence and soul of every place I visit. Whether its the vibrant colors of a bustling market in Vietnam, the raw beauty of South Africas amaXhosa people, or the intricate details of Swiss Alps daily life, my photography captures the essence of each location in a way that is both authentic and awe-inspiring.

I experiment with available light to create a painterly look in my photographs. My biggest compliment is when someone says any of my photos look like a painting :). Some influences on my style include the film director Wes Anderson and the French Post-Impressionist painter, Seurat.  (In particular, his painting “Sunday afternoon on the island, La Grande Jatte“).  I am also heavily influenced by other paintings I knew as a child.  I call my work Photographic Art, because that is what it is to me. Ideally my photographs should be printed and appreciated in large scale. They look beautiful as wall art in people’s homes or other spaces.  They can also be viewed in detail on big movie screens. 

I love to share my work and give people a glimpse into the world I see and the marvelous things that unfold before my eyes when I go exploring. I love taking the roads less traveled and I welcome those who want to join me!

My dream for my Photo Art stories is to create multiple collections taken mostly in developing countries or areas largely untouched by modernization.  Ideally, I’d like to revisit them after a few years, to be a witness witness and follow up documenting the change that happens during my lifetime.

Why Choose Photo Art Stories

My digital downloads are the perfect solution for those looking to add a touch of artistry and culture to their homes and offices. Unlike mass-produced prints, my photographs are one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story and bring a sense of adventure to any space. Plus, with the ability to print on high-quality, archival paper, my photographs will last a lifetime and beyond.

When you purchase one of my prints, you’re not just buying a pretty picture. You’re investing in a piece of history and culture, one that will bring life and energy to your walls for years to come. So why settle for generic prints when you can have a true piece of the world in your own home?

The Power of Photography

Photography has always been a powerful medium, one that has the ability to transport us to far-off places and evoke emotion with a single image. My collection is no exception. Each photograph captures a moment in time, a fleeting glimpse into a world that is both familiar and foreign. By displaying my photography in your home, you are not only adding a touch of beauty to your walls, but also opening your mind to new cultures, experiences, and perspectives.

So why not take a journey with me? Explore the world through my lens and discover the power of photography for yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or simply looking to add some color to your home, my collection has something for everyone. So take the leap and bring a piece of the world into your own space today!

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